Time and again, I've heard from companies that have said that they want more or better than they have. They wonder why many of their competitors always seem to be a step ahead - better organized, utilize more contemporary media techniques, or possess a clearer focus of how evolving technologies may be applied to their business scenario.

In the case of media, may it be pre-sales or post-sales, textual or graphical, promotional or technical, is very fluid. The precepts of what is considered to be proper and contemporary is constantly changing in response to social, political, legal, and technological evolutions.

For this reason, it's more important than ever that one is diligent in the pursuit of knowledge and the upgrading of skills so as to provide the very best deliverables to an employing entity; may it be freelance, contract, or direct-hire work environments.

Toward this goal, I am constantly seeking to expand my knowledge-base. This personal mandate is visible by the diversity of my academic pursuits. That said, I invite you to view a small fraction of my portfolio through the link provided. Note that I had creative control over all of the documents and images presented. The document outlines and all of the words within are my own.

Also, all graphical images are of my own creation. In the case of the 3D illustrations, I drew all of these from scratch simply by looking at the product or equipment and employing a special technique also of my own creation.

Lastly, note that I will go anywhere globally to employ these and many other skills.

I hope that you enjoy.

Regards, -Thomas Griles

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Specializing in superior high-tech, heavy industrial, engineering, manufacturing, and relative administrative technical documentation production.

  • Technical Writing / Authoring
  • Technical Copy Writing
  • Technical Editing
  • Technical Illustration / Animation
  • Documentation Project Management
  • Technical Trainer
  • Database Management